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The fee for residential and local moving is determined on per-hour basis.


A fully qualified professional moving crew of two or three movers, truck (16 to 26 ft) fully equipped with furniture blankets, dollies and special tools necessary to safely and swiftly complete your move.

The charges begin when we arrive at the pickup location, and continue as the crew loads the truck, drives to your new location (including any repeated trips, if applies), and unloads the truck at your new home. The charges end when the truck is empty and any required setup is complete. We shall most of the time charge a minimum of two hours of labour. Once the minimum is reached you are charged half of your hourly rate for every additional half-hour in increments of half-hour.


Hourly rates are used for local moving because the moving time is highly reflective of how well you are prepared for the move. In addition, the moving time is affected by the accessibility of your old and new locations to the movers.

Remember - although we are full-service movers, if you prepare well for the move your move will cost you less. For instance, if you were to take apart the beds and reassemble them at the new house yourself, you could save as much as 45 minutes from your move time. A fully prepared home with good access is moved much quicker than a home where items are being packed as the movers load the truck. Similarly, moving would take longer if there is a 100-yard walk to your new home because the driveway has not been paved yet.


Travel time is a flat-rate fee based on the average driving time from our office to your location. It includes time to allow our truck to get from our office to your home for the pick up the return time to our office after the completion of your move. Travel time will be added to your total charge once the move has been completed. There is a minimum charge of two hours of moving time plus travel time. The only exception is if you are only moving a few items. Travel time does not include any additional driving time between loading and unloading. This is included in your normal hourly fee.

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